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hey, i'm dating because lyndsey told me here it goes. (*edit* "updating"...wouldn't it be nice if lyndsey just told me to date and so i it's that easy)

i'm STRESSED an BUSY. yeah lot of school work nothing i'm going to bore you with.

also, i went to the dr. finally and had my heart tested (and it's fine) .it turns out i have acid reflux or either GERD and that it's bothering me b/c i'm so stressed. so i'm on some expensive ass medicine now that i cant afford to refill. unfortunately i've been noticing (as i type actually) that the pain is sort of coming back even with my medication so i may have to go back to the dr. and get tested again. it sort of scares me b/c a friend i was talking to yesterday was telling me she had the same pain a year ago and was diagnosed with the same thing but her pain came back and they tested her out more and it turned out she had to have her gall blader removed. that would suck! she ended up having to withdraw from her classes because she couldn't recover well enough to finish the semester. that is not an option for me! i will graduate this summer!

speaking of...i will be walking on may 20th. so if your in austin you should come see me :)

oh goood news: felicity rerun are back on WE channel! i'm so excited b/c i'm too poor to buy the 3rd and 4th seasons right now.

alright i have to go work on a couple papers.
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