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so it's about time i actually updated. there's so much to say so i'll probably be random.

last weekend i went floating down the river with some family and friends. i turned into a lobster and i'm still peeling a week later. the plan is to go back next weekend so if any of you are up for it let me know.

i'm starting to think about my near future and have applied to some jobs. there's one nanny agency really interested in me. i would be working for very well off families and be able to travel with them. the problem is the families all live in lame places like madison, new jersey and sun valley, idaho. so i decided to apply to some nanny jobs in chicago too. if nothing good comes up, there's always the option of moving home for a few months, saving up money while looking for a job. i also want to travel like bad but that also requires money that i dont have right now.

my car is officially dead to me. it had to be towed to the dealership where i'm sure they will take a week to fix it and charge up the ass. but my stepdad is supposedly taking care of it some i'm grateful for that.

right now i'm in the new house. we drove by our old house last night and it was so weird. someone else's car was in our drive way and garage. i didn't like it. my mom mentioned how she still has a mail key which made me realize i still have a house key. whoops!

i saw war of the worlds the other night. i didn't want to go see it but my friends wanted me to go so i went. i had had a kind of downer day so seeing that movie didn't help at the time. you dont exactly want to watch the end of the world (plus it brought back memories of me and my dad) when you're already down. but the next day when i thought about it the movie wasn't so bad. the sisterhood of the traveling pants was better though :)

alright well i need to go unpack my room so i have a place to sleep tonight. everyone have a happy 4th of july tomorrow!!
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