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sick sick sick as a mother

i'm so mad. i woke up this morning feeling nauseous for no reason and have been puking my guts up ever since. the worst part is i have no clue why. actually the worse part is how shitty i feel. i practically live in my bathroom now. i know this is all probably not what you want to be reading. and the reason i'm so mad is because now i'm missing carole king with my mom in austin. i'm also pissed because tomorrow i fly to chicago so my body better shape up or i'll freaking carry around a barf bag because i'm getting on that plane. i'm also worried i'm getting dehydrated. i try to drink water but then i just puke it up. okay i'm done talking about it.

anyways about chicago...i have an interview there on monday. i'm not really sure what i'm suppose to be doing in the next month or so with my life. if someone/anyone could pray that i know what God wants from me and that i make the right decisions that would be great. thanks in advance!

alright i'm going to go and try to eat some ice and lay down.
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