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so i never update anymore but i thought i'd catch everyone up. i now officially graduated. i got my diploma in the mail the other day...yay!

i moved back to the woodlands and got a job as a governess for a wonderful family in woodward cove (sound familar paul?) i'm a live-in (i have a very nice set-up) and i'm still very close to my family. there's 6 dogs, 5 children, 4 other full time staff, 3 ferrets, 2 parents, and 1 mema! it's a full house to say the least...i didn't even mention the birds and the fish. i'm the only staff that is live-in so it's not that crazy around here. i didn't think i could stay in the woodlands but so far i'm enjoying it. it's a completely different town now...i do wish there were more single people my age around but...whatever.

i do miss austin, never thought i'd say that but not enough to want to move back. i mostly miss my friends, the hills, and trudy's. i definlty don't miss the drivers!

alright i have a long day ahead of me. goodnight, moon :)
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